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Arizona students must be given in-school option this fall


Our schools must provide parents and students with the option to return to school in person on Aug. 17. The science and health care professionals back this approach.

Empowerment scholarships alternative in ‘covirtual’ reality


The pandemic and social distancing guidelines have drastically impacted and uprooted our daily lives. Students all over the country had to quickly adapt to online learning to finish up the school year. Now, they face the uncertainty of what the fall semester may bring. This uncertainty can be very stressful for students as many don’t know what the “new normal” in school may look like.

Arizona school choice advocates hail Supreme Court decision


A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding education in Montana validates Arizona's school voucher and tax credit program, school choice advocates say.

State Should do More to Empower Native Americans with School Choice


Although the department had previously approved their use of ESA funds at Hilltop, ADE was now not only shutting down their accounts but also demanding they pay back thousands of dollars for years of tuition – dollars that these low-income families did not have.

Court Ruling Impacts Invest in Ed, Save Our Schools Initiatives Qualifying for Ballot


An Arizona Supreme Court ruling today said that initiative campaigns cannot use the E-Qual website to gather voters’ signatures online to qualify for the ballot that candidates for state offices use for their nominating petitions.

Arizona Court Rejects Online Initiative Signature Gathering


The Arizona Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a request to allow online signature gathering for proposed ballot measures, leading sponsors to drop an effort to restrict Arizona’s school-voucher program.

ESA Families Were Right All Along


After heaping contempt and suspicion on the families participating in Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program for years, partisan activists should acknowledge that their diagnoses of the program’s ailments have been wrong, and their solutions poorly prescribed.

Arizona Auditor General Report Shows ESA Parents Misled by State, Services Delayed


A state auditor report into Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA) Program shows inconsistent customer service, lapses in student privacy protections and a need for more staff than was anticipated by lawmakers.

Schooling During the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Emergency Education Savings Accounts Can Meet the Needs of Every American Child


This homeschooling trial by fire for families across the United States has hastened the need for district, state, and federal officials to implement policies that can ease the transition to learning at home. In order to address this immediate challenge, policymakers should provide families with emergency education savings accounts (ESAs), in order to enable them to access virtual tutors and to pay for online learning options, so that students can continue learning to the greatest extent possible during this difficult time.

House Joins Senate in Approving School Voucher Bill


The measure passed the Senate on a 16-14 vote with all Republicans except Sen. Heather Carter in support and all Democrats opposed. The 31 House Republicans backed the measure Thursday, with all 27 Democrats who were present voting no.


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